Monthly Billing Explained

Monthly Instalment Billing Explained

Don't you hate it when you come out of a particularly cold winter or extra hot summer and find yourself faced with a monstrous quarterly energy bill?

Well here at Click Energy that will never happen! When you signed up to Click you will have seen that we are proud to provide you with your bill you on a monthly basis instead of quarterly. This means smaller bills which fit in your budget.

Most customers are used to quarterly billing, so below we explain how monthly billing works for you!

About actual meter reads and instalment bills

If you live in Victoria, you will most likely have an electricity smart meter. This means we receive up to date usage information from your distributor and can then bill your actual usage each month.

Electricity billing cycle (Smart meters)

If you don't have a smart meter, you'll have an analogue meter. We won't be able to get your information automatically each month, instead it will be read quarterly by your distributor. As a retailer, this service is out of our hands.

But don't worry, you will still benefit from monthly payments through instalment billing. For the first 2 months you will be billed an instalment amount (usually $130), and on the 3rd month it will be the actual quarterly meter read LESS the 2 instalments already paid.

Electricity Billing Cycle (analogue meters)

Gas Meters

There are no smart meters for gas. These are read every 60 days so the 1st month will be an instalment (usually $50) and in the 2nd month the bill will be the actual usage less what has been paid.

Gas Billing Cycle

Get Control

The main advantage of monthly bills is that they help with budgeting. No longer will you be hit with a bill covering three months of usage that can put a serious dent into your budget. Instead, you pay a smaller sum each month and can expect to pay a similar sum each month, depending on usage.

If you know what your quarterly bills usually are, you can choose to pay one third of that every month. Plus, you find your bills are less than your instalments then just give us a call to adjust your instalment amounts. This way you are the one in charge of your energy bills.

We hope this article has cleared most of the confusion over monthly billing. If you still find yourself wondering about some specific issues related to monthly billing, feel free to get in touch.